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I actually have a bit of an announcement to make. Hopefully one or two of you will be excited about this.

Long, long ago, I wrote a story called The Floods Cannot Drown It. It was an NCIS AU, Kate/Gibbs in a medieval fantasy setting. A few of you expressed some appreciation for this story, and when it was over, I promised a sequel.

Well, I am here to announce that I am in the process of writing that sequel. I am, in fact, over 27,000 words into that sequel. It is currently just over 62 pages long in Word, and I am at the start of chapter seven.

When I finish this sequel, I will post a preview of it here for everyone to see, but the full, novel-length text will be available for purchase through Amazon (self-publishing) as an e-book.

If you have questions, I will be happy to address them, and I hope that you will be as excited to see this book as I am to be writing it.
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Title: Question
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: None
Word Count: 145
Rating: G
Summary: Tony has to make a decision.
Author's Notes: NO PROMPTS in the comments for this fic.

He sat quietly in the darkness of his living room, smoothing his hands over the creases in a single sheet of paper which he had been folding and unfolding all night. This was a hell of a thing, and he wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.

Rota. His own team.

He unfolded it again, rereading the transfer order in the moonlight that poured through the window. He wasn’t sure what to do. What would Gibbs do? Then he snorted. No use asking what Gibbs would do – Gibbs was gone. Quit. Abandoned them.

He stood, walking to the window and looking out on the skyline of the city. The question now was, would he abandon Tim and Ziva and take off to Spain to chase his own career, his own dreams?

And really, when he put it that way, there was no question at all.
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Title: Prey
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Kate/McGee
Word Count: 578
Rating: G
Summary: Commitment is contagious
Author's Notes: First to comment gets to prompt for tomorrow’s fic!
Read more... )
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Okay, so this is a new thing for me, guys. I have just made my very first fanvid ever, featuring the lovely Sasha, and so I wanted to share it here with you guys. I would LOVE to hear your opinions, and if you experienced vidders have any tips/suggestions to help me get better at this, I am ALL EARS.

Here it is!

Clips are from NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles, Greg the Bunny, The Last Lullaby, All Over the Guy and Coming & Going. (I think that's everything.)
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Hey, guys! I know I haven't written anything in awhile and you all want to know what's going on with "Cursed." I'm REALLY busy right now - my senior thesis is due Tuesday and I'm not quite done with it. But I'll be writing again soon - hopefully even this weekend.

In the meantime, to tide you over, here are the entries I wrote for Porn Battle X. These are ALL rated NC-17/Adults Only.

Distractions - Rizzoli & Isles - Jane/Maura )

And Afterwards I Get a Cookie - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy/Giles )

Happy Birthday - NCIS - Kate/Gibbs )

So Over This - NCIS - Kate/Tim )

Mine - Castle - Beckett/Esposito )

Submit - Castle - Castle/Beckett/Demming )

What You Do - Castle - Castle/Beckett )

The Invitation - Castle - Castle/Beckett )
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Title: Her Friends Never Ask
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Kate/Gibbs
Word Count: 525
Rating: Child
Summary: What do you see in him, anyway?
Spoilers: None
Author's Notes: Oh hey, look, I wrote something.

She's not his type, either. )
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Title: Making a Mistake
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Kate/Tony
Table: smut 69
Prompt: 38 Fingers
Word Count: 844
Rating: Adults Only
Summary: Kate might just be making a mistake
Author's Notes: This is the first time I’ve written anything since August. I may have lost my touch. Here’s hoping I can knock the dust off and get back to it!

Don’t get too attached to him. )



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