Title: The Instrument of My Destruction
Fandom: NCIS/Buffy
Characters: Kate/Willow
Word Count: 1459
Rating: Teen
Summary: Part three of Incense and Gunpowder
Author's Notes: Still for [livejournal.com profile] gileswench. Pretty much ignores a pivotal plot point from Yankee White. *shrug* it’s my AU, I’ll retcon if I want to.
By the time you get this letter, you should have already heard from Gibbs. )
Title: In Event of my Death
Fandom: NCIS/Buffy
Characters: Kate/Willow, unresolved Kate/Gibbs
Word Count: 1671
Rating: Child
Summary: Post-Twilight, Gibbs makes a phone call overseas.
Author's Notes: I’m surrounded by plot bunnies. This is also for [livejournal.com profile] gileswench, sequel to Incense and Gunpowder.
At the risk of sounding melodramatic, if you’re reading this letter, it means I’m dead. )
Title: Incense and Gunpowder
Fandom: Buffy/NCIS
Characters: Kate Todd/Willow Rosenberg
Prompt: 6 and 5 are out on a date. Where do they go, what do they do when they get there, and are there smoochies at the end of the evening?
Word Count: 2694
Rating: Child
Summary: An off-duty Secret Service agent decides to take in the nightlife of Sunnydale and gets a bit more than she bargained for.
Author's Notes: Set in season 4 of Buffy, pre-series for NCIS. I’ve also played fast and loose with the Initiative timeline.
This story was written for [livejournal.com profile] gileswench, and is a direct result of her question during one of those anonymous character question memes.
The music was bad but cheerful about it. )



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