xdawnfirex_fic: (NCIS - Kate - Alone)
Title: The Genesis of Maura Isles
Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles
Word Count: 891
Rating: Child
Summary: Maura dissected a lot of frogs.
Spoilers: 1x08 "I'm Your Boogie Man"
Author's Notes: I got this image in my head after that last Maura/Jane scene and it just wouldn't go away. So here it is.

Is that my box? )
xdawnfirex_fic: (Castle - Castle & Beckett - Eavesdroppin)
Title: Richie Liked to Read
Fandom: Castle
Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 1,535
Rating: G
Summary: Pre-show. A chance encounter.
Warnings: None
Spoilers: 1x09 Little Girl Lost
Author's Notes: One-shot.

I have a lellefant. )
Title: Apis mellifera
Fandom: Castle
Pairing: Gen
Table: 100 Situations
Prompt: 01. Phobia
Word Count: 893
Rating: FRC (Child-friendly)
Summary: Castle’s never scared.
Spoilers: None

Want to tell me what that was about? )


27 March 2007 01:05 am
Title: The Slayer Wears Gucci
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Disclaimers: Buffy & Co. belong to Joss Whedon. Do I look like Joss Whedon? Okay, then.
Spoilers: Post-Chosen
Feedback: makes me write faster.
Distribution/Archive: Ask first.
Summary: Tagfic, for Supermom20, who asked for Buffy, post-Chosen, being introspective about something mundane/normal/stupid.
Thanks: To Antennapedia, for the link. Without her, this fic would not exist and I’d still be sitting around going “Woe!”
it was the smell of leather )

As before, first person to comment gets to prompt for the next story. :)
Title: I Believe
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimers: The usual. Giles’s song by Diamond Rio.
Spoilers: futurefic
Feedback: Yeah
Distribution: Ask first.
Summary: Ten years after the death of Buffy, the Scoobies come together in remembrance.
(Author's Note: A little sappy and kinda silly, but there you are.)
---She had expected a storm tonight. )



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